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May 2019
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OA Knee Brace


Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief


An OA knee brace will help reduce knee pain associated with knee osteoarthritis.  There are many different types of knee braces.  An unloading knee brace does a specific job.  A knee brace for osteoarthritis (also called an off loader) absorbs some of the body weight and redistributes a person’s weight throughout the brace.  It is an active reliever of knee pain.  The knee brace will also provide some warmth, compression, protection, and stability to an arthritic knee.

A knee brace can help reduce pain, increase function, postpone surgery, and reduce the amount of medications a patient needs to take.  The idea is to wear the knee brace and get moving.  An arthritic knee needs to move so the muscles around it can be strengthened and stretched.  Weight loss is also important for knee pain relief.

20 years ago OA Knee Braces were always custom built for each patient.  The technology has changed so much over the past twenty years that custom in most cases is overkill.  Custom knee braces are meant for obese patients, serious athletes, or people with unique anatomy.  Most patients don’t need custom knee braces built from carbon graphite – way too much knee brace.  A simple light-weight design made from neoprene usually will get the job done for most people.

OA knee braces should be prescribed by a physician and measured and fit by a certified orthotist.  Never, ever let a sales representative fit you with a knee brace.