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June 2019
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At the 2010 Annual American Orthotic and Prosthetic National Assembly, the subject of bracing the arthritic knee received some much needed attention.  The audience of certified brace fitters, orthotists, and bracing professionals was presented with a question.

“Where are all of your prescriptions for OA Knee braces?”

The presentation examined the Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon’s (AAOS) Treatment Guideline for knee osteoarthritis and the AAOS Position Statement on Knee Bracing.  A contradiction in the two publications was discussed.

The point of the presentation was that knee bracing is losing market share to medications.  Even though knee bracing is effective and safe (nobody has ever died from a knee brace), doctors opt to keep prescribing medications to treat osteoarthritis.

Tom McGovern has been working with osteoarthritis knee braces for over 15 years.  He was reached for comment after his presentation:

Knee braces for Osteoarthritis work, and in many cases offer instant pain relief.”  McGovern said.  “Patients looking to postpone surgery or who are experiencing negative side effects from medications should consider knee bracing.”


Bio Mechanical Knee Braces are used to relieve pain and increase function in knees afflicted with osteoarthritis.  This type of knee brace is called by different names:  off-loading knee brace, unloading knee brace, varus / valgus knee brace, and osteoarthritis knee brace.  This post is the first in a series about bio mechanical knee braces that treat unicompartmental osteoarthritis.

This type of knee brace is a biomechanical solution to a biomechanical disease.  If you are familiar with how a fulcrum works then you can grasp how these knee braces function.  Unloading knee braces apply three-point-pressure to arthritic knees and open the joint space.  This opening reduces the amount of pressure compressing the worn cartilage.

Arthritis knee braces are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most HMO’s and PPO’s.  If you have DME coverage on your health insurance policy it is likely you are eligible for an unloading knee brace.

These knee braces do a lot of work and should only be fit by a certified orthotist.  They will change the way your knee moves and functions.