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May 2019
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Compression stockings can be difficult to put on and take off.  Finger strength, flexibility, and cognitive abilities can all play a roll.  Often times care-givers are the people that have to apply compression stockings.  The application device pictured above makes quick work of this often difficult task.

Regardless of whether you are applying compression stockings to your legs or you’re helping someone else put on and take off theirs, this applicator makes rolling on and rolling off stockings a much simpler process.

Click here for videos and more information about the Compression Stocking Applicator.


This video shows how to use the “Donning Pole” for loading a compression garment onto the compression stocking applicator.  This device helps save arthritic fingers from struggling with putting on and taking off compression hosiery.  Poor finger strength no longer has to be an issue when it comes to hosiery compliance.

Learn more about easier ways to apply and remove compression stockings.



Arthritis of the hand no longer has to prevent a person from wearing compression garments.  Look at how easy a compression stocking can be applied.  Watch more videos about applying compression stockings with hand arthritis.


Do arthritic fingers prevent someone in your life from wearing compression stockings?  For compression hosiery to be effective the garment must be snug.  People with poor finger strength often have difficulties donning and doffing medical grade compression stockings.  There is help.  Watch this video and see how easy stockings can be to take on and take off.

Learn more about how compression stockings can be applied even for people with hand arthritis.


The Compression Stocking Applicator is great for any person who has to wear compression hosiery or assist others with putting stockings on and taking them off.  Stockings can be loaded easily on the applicator using an assistive “Donning Pole” or your arm.  This video shows how easily a compression garment is loaded onto the application device using only your arm.

Click here to watch more videos and learn more about the Compression Stocking Applicator.



Compression Stockings can be difficult for a person with CMC Arthritis or Basal Joint Arthritis to don and doff.  This new application device is great for people who need to wear compression hosiery but may have arthritic finger conditions.  To pull compression stockings up a leg requires finger strength.  If you are a patient or care-giver who is frustrated by compression stockings this applicator can make your life just a little bit easier.

Does your finger pain make wearing compression stockings difficult?  There’s a new product available that can help.  Grip strength is significantly reduced for people with finger arthritis.  Osteoarthritis of the thumb, cmc arthritis, and basal joint arthritis can make putting on and taking off compression stockings difficult.  This new applicator can help!