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Stage 2 – Mild

Stage 2 is where symptoms start to develop.  A knee may start to get achy if a person sits for a long time, walks too much, or spends the whole day on their feet.  Stiffness and joint pain are common complaints.

Bone lumps and thinning cartilage can be seen on X-rays or MRIs.  The joint space will remain normal and the bones are not rubbing or scraping against one another.

Exercise and weight loss are still the primary treatment options.  Arthritis knee braces are also recommended.  An arthritis knee brace can help stabilize and protect the knee joint.

Will insurance pay for an arthritis knee brace?  Yes.

Medicare, Medicaid, and most HMO’s and PPO’s will reimburse providers for the application of an arthritis knee brace.  The “Durable Medical Equipment” rider of the policy will explain what is covered and deductibles.

Generally health insurance will pay for a knee brace if the patient has documented osteoarthritis of the knee, and a valid prescription.  Some states require the person measuring and fitting the knee brace to have certain levels of certification.  Usually a person is eligible for a knee brace if they have not received the same or similar type of orthopedic appliance within the past three years.

Insurance is willing to reimburse for arthritis knee braces because this treatment option for osteoarthritis of the knee saves them money.  Knee braces are much less expensive than surgery.  Also, knee braces do not react with medications or cause the stomach issues commonly associated with drugs.  Sick patients cost insurance companies money.

An insurance company would much rather pay for a knee brace than to continually pay for medication or reimburse a surgeon.




Rest is Important

Rest is Important

Though exercise and weight loss are important for treating your knee osteoarthritis, don’t forget to rest.  Rest is important for the muscles, and joints you have been working.  The goal is to prevent pain, not cause it.  So know when to say when.  Listen to your body and don’t be afraid to take a day or two off if something doesn’t feel right.  Strength must be built up gradually, not all at once.

And don’t forget arthritis knee braces can help ease your pain and keep you exercising!



Walking.  It doesn’t cost anything.  It doesn’t require special equipment or a an instructional video.  You don’t need a membership to a gym.  Just get up and start.

A terrific low-impact exercise program can begin with you walking just 30 minute a day.  You can do it just about anywhere.  Malls, a trail, the beach, a long sidewalk, parks, treadmills, anywhere you can safely put one foot in front of the other.

Walking will help lubricate your joints, elevate your heart rate, and get you working up a sweat.  Walking is a great low-impact exercise that can be an effective treatment option for your knee osteoarthritis.  If your excuse for not walking is that your knee hurts, try an arthritis knee brace to relieve your pain and get you up and moving,


Hinged Arthritis Brace - Knee Cap Control

Hely & Weber’s Hinged Knee Stabilizer, 3771H, is now available from Heritage Medical Equipment.

This knee brace has a  parenthetical buttress ( ) designed for knee cap control.  The neoprene provides warmth and compression, and the hinges give extra protection and stability.  This hinged arthritis knee brace is a top-of-the-line over-the-counter knee brace.

Well made and built to last.  This treatment option for knee osteoarthritis should be at the top of your list to try.  No drugs, no surgery, no injections.

Hely & Weber 24115

Arthritis Reinforced Knee Sleeve

Hely & Weber’s Reinforced Knee Sleeve 24115 is now available on

This brace support is constructed of neoprene and is designed to provide warmth and compression to arthritic knees.  It is considerably more substantial than anything you will find at your local drug store.

These neoprene knee braces are an in-expensive treatment option for osteoarthritis.  Stop the drugs, postpone the surgery, forget the injections…try a knee brace.  This is a conservative way for you to get back on your feet and moving again.

Therion Balance MTR Knee Sleeve

Therion Balance MTR Knee Sleeve

The Therion Balance MTR Magnetic Knee Sleeve is now available at the Heritage Medical Equipment website.

Therion constructs knee sleeves with a perforated neoprene.  This brace is comfortable so it can be worn all day. It provides gentle compression and surrounds the knee with 10 ceramic magnets.

Magnetic therapy and compression can help ease the pain associated with osteoarthritis.

One of the latest innovations in osteoarthritis treatments is magnetic knee braces. Magnetic therapy has been used for centuries by everyone from the Chinese to the ancient Greeks as a form of therapy. Today over 200 million people use magnet therapy to treat myriad diseases.

The ions in your body create small electromagnetic fields, and the magnets work to keep these fields in harmony. Pain and swelling is often a result of imbalances in these fields, and magnet therapy works to restore them to their natural state. This can result in an increased concentration of nutrients and improved blood flow in the designated area.

It’s a common misconception that arthritis braces have to be bulky and cumbersome in order to be effective. Thanks to recent innovations, braces are smaller and lighter than ever, affording people increased mobility and pain relief while still being comfortable. Some of the most effective of these new-age products are neoprene support braces.

It may seem like neoprene is too flimsy to provide any real relief, but when it comes to treating osteoarthritis, warmth and compression are two of the most important treatments, both of which a neoprene knee brace accomplishes. When you wear the neoprene brace, blood flow to the affected are increases, enhancing your body’s neurovascular system. Not only will a neoprene brace offer your amazing, instantaneous results, it’s cheap too.

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

Unicompartmental Knee Replacement

There are three compartments that comprise the knee joint:  one in the front of the knee (patellofemoral compartment), one on the outside (lateral compartment) and one on the inside (medial compartment).  Patient with osteoarthritis that affects only one of the three compartments, may be a candidate for a unicompartment knee replacement.  Unicompartment knee replacement is when only the diseased compartment is replaced with titanium and plastic components.

The advantages to a patient that receives a partial knee replacement compared to a total knee replacement is that the recovery time is quicker, there is less blood loss, the knee may bend easier, and there is less pain after surgery.  And since less bone, ligaments, and cartilage are cut out most patients say that a unicompartmental knee replacement feels more like their real knee as compared to a total knee replacement.

There are two major disadvantages of a unicompartmental knee replacement compared to a total knee replacement.  The first is that the pain relief is less predictable.  The knee is a complicated joint – doctors don’t always get it right.  Also and more importantly there is a strong potential for additional surgery.  If the healthy parts of a patient’s knee continue to deteriorate after the unicompartmental knee replacement, then a total knee replacement may still be necessary.

The primary goals of knee replacement surgery, whether it be a total or a unicompartmental replacement are a decrease in pain and an increase in function.  Why not consider a surgical alternative?  Bio-Mechanical knee braces (also called unloading knee braces or off-loading knee braces) are designed to relieve pain and increase function in patients with unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  The perfect candidates for a unicompartmental knee replacement are also the perfect candidates for knee braces!

An arthritis knee brace is meant to buy time and post-pone surgery.  Science published in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery proves bio-mechanical knee braces increase function and decrease pain in patients suffering with knee osteoarthritis.