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Aerobic Exercise for Knee OA

Aerobic Exercise for Knee OA

Exercise and your knees will feel better.  But what kind of exercise will make your knees feel best?  It probably will have to be a combination of exercises that help you lose weight, strengthen your anatomy, and make you more flexible.

Exercise generally falls into three categories:  aerobic, strength conditioning, and flexibility.  If you want your arthritic knees to feel better without taking drugs and without surgery then look to create an exercise program that incorporates all three types of exercise.

Aerobic Exercise:  This is any type of activity that uses oxygen to fuel your muscles.  Any activity that works the big muscles in your arms and legs for an extended period of time can be considered aerobic.  Aerobic Exercise makes your heart pump hard and increases your breathing rate.  This in turn will burn calories and help control your weight.

Examples of Aerobic Exercise:  running, stair climbing, fast walking, rowing, jumping rope, cros-country skiing, biking, and swimming.

Lose weight and decrease the amount of pressure on your knees.

Celebrex ad

Celebrex ad

Celebrex is reported to be the top selling arthritis drug with sales exceeding $2 Billion annually.

One of the most alarming side effects of Celebrex is an increase in blood pressure.  Increased blood pressure or hypertension has been reported in 3.9% to 13.4% of patients.  Persistent hypertension can lead to heart failure, stroke, myocardial infarction, arterial aneurysm, and chronic kidney failure.

Any reputable doctor will explain that the best way to ease the pain of your arthritic knees is with exercise and weight loss.  Think about what happens when an overweight person who does not exercise takes a drug that will increase their blood pressure.  Their knees might feel better but for how long?

Cardio Boxing

Cardio Boxing

Need something new?  Tired of walking and riding the bike?  Try cardio-boxing!

There are probably classes at your local gym or you can buy tapes or DVD’s.  These low-impact exercise routines will teach you basic moves without causing undue stress on your arthritic knees.  Cardio-boxing is a great way to strengthen muscles, increase balance and coordination, and lose weight, all without pounding on your knees.

You should start with a good warm up.  Gradually increase your heart rate and try working out for ten to twenty minutes.  There is no jumping.  Why not try it?  Exercise and weight loss are two of the best conservative treatments for knee osteoarthritis.