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Thumb Arthritis

January 31, 2018

The thumb pain associated with CMC Arthritis can be severe.  A decrease in range of motion and strength can make it painful to shake hands, open doors, and forget about opening that jar of pickles.  Treatment can involve splints, braces, and medications.  If its really bad surgery may be an option.

Pain is the primary symptom.  It’s felt at the base of the thumb when gripping, grasping, pinching or forcing an object.  The thumb can also be stiff, tender, and swollen.  The thumb will get weaker and lose range of motion.  And it may start to look a bit deformed.

CMC arthritis is common in women over 40 years old.  Obesity, previous injury,  and heredity are also risk factors.  CMC Arthritis used to be called “Game Keepers” thumb.   Back in the day the people that twisted the necks of rabbits for a living (game keepers) would develop CMC arthritis from the repetitive motion of breaking necks.  Gross.

a CMC Thumb brace is a great treatment option.  Learn more about the thumb splint shown below:


Purchase this CMC thumb brace.

As we get older osteoarthritis will develop.  It’s just a normal part of aging.  And it usually develops in the joints that we use the most and receive the most stress.  That’s why osteoarthritis is often called, “wear and tear arthritis”.  Pain and disability are the most common complaints of CMC thumb arthritis.

Thumb splints and thumb braces come in many shapes and sizes.  Beware of using a thumb brace that completely immobilizes the thumb.  You need to use your thumb or the muscles surrounding it will atrophy (shrink).  You want the opposite.  You want to use your thumb so the muscles surrounding it get stronger.  So you need a thumb brace that positions your thumb in such a way that it reduces pain but still allows you to use it.

That’s what the thumb brace pictured above can do.  The CMC Thumb Brace is easily put on and taken off with one hand, and provides support that doesn’t limit other joint movement.  It is durable, flexible, and is easily cleaned.  And most important it will reduce your pain.

CMC Arthritis

January 17, 2018

Arthritis happens when cartilage erodes.   Bones start rubbing together when this protective cushion disappears.  Carpometacarpal (CMC) joint arthritis causes pain at the thumb’s base, right at the wrist.   The thumb pain and makes it hard to grab, pinch, or open a jar.

CMC thumb arthritis is common.  Treatment for this type of thumb pain should be non-invasive (non-surgical) and simple.


  • Thumb Pain at the base of the thumb, near the wrist.
  • Thumb pain when trying to grip or pinch.
  • The thumb is painful or tender when you rub, squeeze, or touch the base of the thumb.

How to treat CMC Arthritis?

Wearing a splint or brace that positions your thumb can reduce pain. The best thumb braces position the thumb joint.

This thumb brace is very effective.

Learn more about this thumb brace.

New CMC Thumb Brace

January 10, 2018


Where to purchase a CMC Thumb Brace.

This CMC Thumb Brace has a low profile design with smooth edges.  The closures are easy to use with one hand.  This brace effectively positions the thumb to alleviate thumb pain while allowing your other fingers a full range of motion.  It has a moldable aluminum core that adjusts for a perfect fit.

  • Keeps Skin Cool and Dry
  • Easily Applied and Removed
  • Comfortable, effective
  • Light Weight



This CMC Arthritis Brace is streamlined and durable.  It is the best choice available for relief of basal joint (CMC) arthritis.  This thumb brace can be worn during household activities and sports like golf or tennis.

The thumb splint immobilizes the carpometacarpal (CMC) and the first metacarpophalangeal (MCP 1) joints and places the thumb in a functional position.

It is easy to clean and machine washable.


  • Restricts thumb adduction, while allowing free movement of the other fingers and wrist
  • Adaptable aluminum core makes it easy to fit
  • The brace can be easily secured with one hand
  • Maximum comfort
  • Dirt and water resistant and is easily dried




  • Keeps Skin Cool and Dry
  • Easily Applied and Removed
  • Comfortable
  • Light Weight



The Push CMC Arthritis Brace is streamlined and durable.  It is the best choice available for relief of basal joint (CMC) arthritis.  The Push brace is fit by squeezing the imbedded metal insert to snugly fit the hand around the thumb.  It can be worn during household activities and sports like golf or tennis.


  • Resists abrasion: is more durable than other supports
  • Covers minimal palmar surface
  • Can be worn under a glove
  • Can be washed in a washing machine
  • Will not deform if left in a hot environment
  • Latex Free



  • CMC Arthritis
  • Carpometacarpal Injuries
  • Degenerative Arthritis



To determine the size Push® MetaGrip® you need, use a soft measuring tape and measure the circumference of your hand just below the knuckles of all fingers except the thumb. Choose one of the three sizes below.

Push MetaGrip Sizing Chart


Black Friday Knee Pain

November 24, 2017


So how was the mall?  How are your knees feeling?

There’s something about a big holiday meal that brings out the aches and pains.  Maybe it’s pschosomatic.  Did you spend a lot of time yesterday sharing your symptoms and ailments with friends and family?  Or possibly you did a lot of the heavy lifting yesterday preparing the bird – meaning you did all the work, not so much the weight of the turkey – though both factors could play a role.  Or maybe it was the opposite.  Maybe you were lucky enough to sit in the recliner, watch the parade and football and not have to lift a finger.  Either way, and I know its not fair, if you did all the work or none of the work preparing the Thanksgiving feast, your knees can feel bad either way.  A lack of motion or too much can unfairly have the same painful affect.

Now I do not recommend starting your exercise regiment for curing your knee pain at the mall on this day.  If you did go to the mall, I hope your knees aren’t feeling too bad.  Don’t get in over your head.  Take breaks, sit when you can, and try not to carry too much.

If it wasn’t black Friday the mall can be a great place to stretch your legs, strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees, and lubricate your joints.  Walking is great way to get some control over your knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.


Knee Pain From OA

November 8, 2017
Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis

If you’re experiencing knee pain due to osteoarthritis, cheer up, it’s not all bad news.  You are much better off now then those who had OA just 20 years ago.  Medications, hyaluronic acid, supplements, arthritis knee braces, surgeries, stem cells…the treatment options are much more advanced.  And one of the most important changes is in education.  There are so many more resources.  There are so many places to learn about knee osteoarthritis.

Our advice is take it slow.  It took years for your OA to develop, the pain isn’t going to go away over night.  Learn as much as you can and develop a treatment plan that is correct for you.  Ask your doctor lots of questions.  Don’t be afraid to discontinue a treatment that isn’t working.  Lose weight, strengthen your legs, stretch….there are so many things you can be doing to improve your knee pain.

Chin up, get your learn on, and be your own hero.




HRT and Arthritis

October 28, 2017

The DailyMail in the United Kingdom reports that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) may help prevent osteoarthritis (link to article).

The article states:

“Researchers in Australia have found that HRT may help prevent the disease, which causes the cartilage to become rougher and thinner.

A team at the Alfred Hospital in Victoria examined 81 women, 42 of whom had taken HRT for at least five years and 39 who had never used it.

All were over 50 and had gone through the menopause, says the study in the medical journal Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases. Doctors scanned the women to measure the amount of cartilage in their knee joints.

Those on HRT had 7.7 per cent more than those not on the treatment. Professor Flavia Cicuttini, who headed the study, said: ‘It suggests that use of HRT for more than five years is associated with greater knee cartilage volume.’

Robina Lloyd, of the charity Arthritis Care, said: ‘We know HRT works in osteoporosis, but this is the first suggestion that it could be helpful in preventing osteoarthritis of the knee. It does add up because of the way the hormone works. But we need further research.’ ”

Read more:


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Arthritis Knee Brace

October 21, 2017

Knee Sleeve


A knee brace can be an effective treatment option for osteoarthritis.  Even a simple arthritis knee sleeve can make an arthritic knee joint feel better.  The warmth and compression can increase mobility and provide some protection as well as support.  A knee brace is a safe and inexpensive treatment option that is worth trying.  There are different types of knee braces specifically designed for osteoarthritis.  A sleeve is good for mild pain, a brace with hinges should be used if the knee hurts and is unstable, and a brace that actually opens the joint space should be used for severe OA.

THIS BLOG IS FOR SALE. It has been up since 2010 and has had over 8 MILLION HITS.  call (800)762-9605 and leave your email address to learn more.

Women and Joint Pain

October 17, 2017


There are three distinct risk factors that lead women to suffer from arthritis more than men: biology, genetics, and hormones.

Biology:  The hips.  Women are designed to have babies so they’re shaped differently than men.  The angle of their hips distributes their body weight across the knees less efficiently than in men.  Also their ligaments are more elastic so their knees are less stable.  More pressure and less stability makes a knee joint more likely to get hurt.

Genetics:  Women whose mothers had OA should not be surprised to find themselves suffering the same type of joint pain, in the same places, and around the same age.  It is common for OA to run in families.  Research shows the genetic links.

Hormones:  Estrogen protects cartilage.  As the estrogen decreases so does the protection.  There is an increased prevalence in the onset of OA during menopause.

THIS BLOG IS FOR SALE. It has been up since 2010 and has had over 8 MILLION HITS.  call (800)762-9605 and leave your email address to learn more.