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How did I get knee OA?

April 14, 2014
Joint Pain

Joint Pain

There are several reasons osteoarthritis affects the knee joint, though the most common is wear and tear.  Your knees take a pounding with every step you take.  If you were an athlete as a young person and ran around and jumped up and down a lot, chances are your knees are currently paying the price.  If you’re overweight, your knees have to absorb the added pressure of your additional poundage every time you stand up.  People that experienced traumatic knee injuries are also prone to osteoarthritis.  A lifetime of use is what got your knees into the shape they are currently in.

Now that I have OA, what do I do?  Well if you are newly diagnosed or even if you’ve had OA for years, one of your primary goals should be postponing knee replacement surgery.  Pain relief is crucial to your treatment plan but be careful how you achieve it.  Over the counter medications, narcotics, NSAIDs can all stop the pain but they also come with adverse side effects.  OA isn’t going to go away.  If you have it, you pretty much always will.  So consider long-term options for treatment.

Weight loss, stretching, and exercise are treatment options worth considering for knee osteoarthritis.  Go get some therapy if you’re not sure  how to go about rehabbing your knee.  But keep in the back of your mind, you want to stay off the operating table for as long as possible.  A knee brace for osteoarthritis is a great option for providing knee pain relief, in a safe and conservative manner, and postponing knee replacement surgery.  A knee brace can allow you to get up and moving without drugs or surgery.  Absolutely worth trying.





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