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Black Friday Knee Pain

November 24, 2017


So how was the mall?  How are your knees feeling?

There’s something about a big holiday meal that brings out the aches and pains.  Maybe it’s pschosomatic.  Did you spend a lot of time yesterday sharing your symptoms and ailments with friends and family?  Or possibly you did a lot of the heavy lifting yesterday preparing the bird – meaning you did all the work, not so much the weight of the turkey – though both factors could play a role.  Or maybe it was the opposite.  Maybe you were lucky enough to sit in the recliner, watch the parade and football and not have to lift a finger.  Either way, and I know its not fair, if you did all the work or none of the work preparing the Thanksgiving feast, your knees can feel bad either way.  A lack of motion or too much can unfairly have the same painful affect.

Now I do not recommend starting your exercise regiment for curing your knee pain at the mall on this day.  If you did go to the mall, I hope your knees aren’t feeling too bad.  Don’t get in over your head.  Take breaks, sit when you can, and try not to carry too much.

If it wasn’t black Friday the mall can be a great place to stretch your legs, strengthen the muscles surrounding your knees, and lubricate your joints.  Walking is great way to get some control over your knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.


Knee Pain From OA

November 8, 2017
Knee Arthritis

Knee Arthritis

If you’re experiencing knee pain due to osteoarthritis, cheer up, it’s not all bad news.  You are much better off now then those who had OA just 20 years ago.  Medications, hyaluronic acid, supplements, arthritis knee braces, surgeries, stem cells…the treatment options are much more advanced.  And one of the most important changes is in education.  There are so many more resources.  There are so many places to learn about knee osteoarthritis.

Our advice is take it slow.  It took years for your OA to develop, the pain isn’t going to go away over night.  Learn as much as you can and develop a treatment plan that is correct for you.  Ask your doctor lots of questions.  Don’t be afraid to discontinue a treatment that isn’t working.  Lose weight, strengthen your legs, stretch….there are so many things you can be doing to improve your knee pain.

Chin up, get your learn on, and be your own hero.