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A neoprene undersleeve is helpful for anyone wearing a knee brace for osteoarthritis or a functional knee brace.

A neoprene undersleeve will help keep a knee brace from rotating or migrating on the leg.  It can also make a knee brace more comfortable to wear by providing some cushion between the hard shells of the knee brace and the soft tissue on the thigh or calf.

A neoprene undersleeve should be perforated (have little holes in it).  The little holes allow air to cool and dry the skin as well as make the neoprene breathable.  The perforations make the sleeve more comfortable to wear.

An undersleeve will also protect the liners of your knee brace from sweat, dirt, and grime.  This will make your knee brace last longer and make it more hygienic for extended use.

Purchase a neoprene undersleeve.


CMC Brace IV

CMC Arthritis is a common problem.  According to a recent study, CMC OA is 3-4 times more likely in women than in men.  Between 1998 and 2012, 1 in 20 women (seniors) had sought treatment for CMC Arthritis.  A small joint can cause a lot of pain.

As arthritis develops in the CMC joint, the thumb takes on a classic posture of deformity.  A bump will slowly develop at the base of the thumb as the CMC joints becomes lax and less tightly seated.  Bone spurs can appear.  When the MP joint collapses the thumb will hyper-extend.

The goal of splinting for CMC arthritis is to reverse the predictable postural deformity of the thumb; seating the CMC joint, lifting the metacarpal head, and opening the web space.  The new CMC Thumb Arthritis Brace is an effective alternative for treating thumb pain and increasing function.  It is easy to use and low-profile.

CMC Brace

Global Knee Brace

November 1, 2015

Global Knee

Global Knee

Hely & Weber just released a new knee brace for bi and tri-compartmental osteoarthritis.  There is often a significant amount of time that passes between when a patient is told they need have their knee replaced and when the surgery actually takes place.  This knee brace is designed to help patients during the delay.

There are several reasons for the delay.  Sometimes there are necessary medical needs that must be addressed, or a patient may need to lose weight.  Sometimes patients just aren’t ready for the surgery, whether it be logistical or emotional readiness.  And many times its conservative care guidelines dictated by health insurance providers.

The struts on this knee brace can apply a varus or valgus force when molded with bending irons as well as accommodate a bulbous or knee deformed by arthritis.

Global Knee II