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CMC Brace

Basal Joint Arthritis Brace

There’s a new thumb brace now available specifically designed for basal joint (CMC) arthritis.  The CMC Thumb Arthritis Brace is a completely trimable, low-profile, and effective thumb brace for CMC arthritis.

Both the length of the strap and the thumb portion of this brace are trimable, making it comfortable and low-profile.

CMC Brace II

A moldable support is built into the brace at the base of the thumb.  This support in conjunction with the strap design provide the lift and support needed to seat the CMC joint to provide pain relief.


This x-ray shows the effectiveness of the thumb splint.

CMC Brace IV

Learn more:  CMC Thumb Arthritis Brace

Basal Joint Arthritis

October 21, 2015

osteoarthritis thumb


Arthritis at the carpal-metacarpal joint is a common reason for thumb pain.   Thumb strength and motion is needed for so much of what we do: typing, tying a shoe, or writing a note.  We use our thumbs a lot.  Basal Joint arthritis is also called CMC (Carpal-metacarpal) arthritis.  And it develops when the cartilage on the surfaces of the bones that form the thumb joint wears away and the metacarpal bone begins to slip out of the joint. This loss of alignment often creates the appearance of a bump near the wrist.

Basal Joint Arthritis usually starts in people in their forties and fifties.  Some people don’t know they have it because there’s a tendency to alter their activities so thumbs don’t hurt so much.  Unfortunately this type of compensation can result in a cycle of diminished use that makes the thumb and hand progressively weaker.

Basal thumb arthritis is almost always occurs in both hands.  A low-profile thumb brace, like the CMC Arthritis brace can help with thumb pain a lot.

Swimming Helps OA

Swimming Helps Knee OA


The more overweight you are, the more your knees will hurt.  You can try and mask the pain with drugs like NSAIDs and steroids, but at the end of the day your cartilage still takes an undue pounding every time you take a step.  You only have so much cartilage in your knee.  The more overweight you are, the more you compress the cartilage in your knee whenever you take a step.  Think about how your knees support your entire body weight as you walk.  If you are carrying extra pounds the best way to treat your chronic knee pain from OA is to shed some weight.

Losing weight isn’t easy but it is possible.  It’s not possible for you to spontaneously grow new cartilage.  A knee brace for osteoarthritis can be very effective for people trying to lose weight.  A common complaint among people who suffer from knee OA is that they can’t exercise because their knees hurt, so they cant lose weight.  An unloading knee brace can help treat the pain associated with knee OA so people can get up and moving.  Just walk or swim.  Your knees will thank you.


Do you drink beer?  Do you have knee osteoarthritis?  Read on.

University of Nottingham just released a study that shows people who drink more than 20 beers per week were 93 percent more likely to have knee OA.

3,171 men and women were studied.  The subjects were between 45- and 86-years old.  2000 of the people studied had been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, and over 1000 acted as controls.

The weekly drinking habits of the people involved with the study were scrutinized.  The findings showed that people who drink wine and spirits are less likely to suffer from knee OA than beer drinkers.

The findings are published in the journal Arthritis Research Therapy.