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For some of us it is the hardest thing to do.  Exercise.  It’s still one of the best treatments available for knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.  Why?  Well for a few different reasons.

1.  Exercise will lubricate your joints.  My grandmother used to tell me, “that if you don’t use it, you lose it”.  Gram was one smart cookie.  The cartilage in your knee is a lot like a sponge.  Every time you step, you compress your cartilage.  When you take weight off your knee the sponge expands.  This motion pulls fluid into your knee, and pushes fluid out.  This movement of fluid brings nutrients to your cartilage, and caries away the stuff it doesn’t need.  Walking facilitates this process of lubrication.  If you remain dormant the sponge will not get the fluid it needs.  Think of the month old sponge at your sink that is dry and flaky.  It’s not too far of a stretch to think of your knee cartilage in the same way.

2.  If you exercise you are more likely to lose weight.  If you weigh less, your knees won’t have to absorb as much impact each and every time you take a step.  Losing weight will make your knees feel better because they won’t have to work as hard.

3.  Exercise will stretch the muscles around your knee.  Having flexible musculature surrounding your knee will take pressure off the cartilage.  Stay loose and your knee pain won’t be as bad.

So something as simple as walking will lubricate your knee, stretch your muscles. and help you lose weight.