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Magnetic Back Brace

January 26, 2014

Magnetic Back Brace

Low back pain can be caused by many things including arthritis.  A Magnetic Back Brace can bring a natural and effective solution for low back pain. The magnetic treatment back brace pictured above has 28 powerful 4,300 gauss magnets that penetrate deep into your back to help flexibility and ease low back pain.

A Back Brace helps increases circulation to your aching back by providing warmth and compression.  This increased blood flow will bring more oxygen and nutrients to your lower back.  This helps to naturally relieve back pain and restore flexibility. As circulation is increased, toxins resulting from the injury are removed, reducing swelling and speeding up your recovery.

Back braces and supports need to provide compressive support.

The Magnetic Back Brace pictured above is adjustable.  So it can address back pain that is higher or lower on your spine. The back belt can also be rotated to help relieve hip pain. Velcro allows for a custom fit, and the breathable material means you can wear your back brace all day long.




Stretching is important for people with knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.  Why?  Because all your muscles, bones, and cartilage work together.  The knee joint slides, glides, and rotates – it’s complicated.  If your muscles are tight, your knee won’t function to its potential.  Your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and hip flexors all need to be loose – and used regularly.

My grandmother told me when I was much younger that “if you don’t use it, you lose it.”  Simple words.  True words.

You don’t have to go anywhere to stretch.  Stretching doesn’t cost anything.  You don’t need drugs or surgery to stretch.  You can stretch right now.  If you were able to locate this blog post, then you have the ability to research a stretching program on line.  There are plenty of posts on this blog about what muscles to stretch, different types of stretching, and why it’s so beneficial.

Look around, learn more, help yourself feel better.  You can control your knee pain without surgery, and without drugs.

Try an arthritis knee sleeve to get you up and moving.



Thumb Arthritis

January 7, 2014

basal joint

The type of arthritis that is most likely going to affect your hand is thumb arthritis.  Why?  Because you use your thumbs more than any other finger.  Thumb arthritis is also called basal joint arthritis or CMC arthritis.  Thumb arthritis happens when the cartilage that cushions the bones around your thumb wears away.  This joint is called the carpometacarpal joint.

Pain and swelling in the hands are common symptoms.  Also decreased hand strength and a decreased range of motion will make it hard to perform activities of daily living like opening a faucet or turning a doorknob.

Steroids and surgery are options for advanced cases of thumb arthritis, while a thumb splint or a CMC Thumb Brace are recommended for milder cases.