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Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief

The new knee brace for osteoarthritis is now available at Heritage Medical Equipment.  This knee brace is indicated for patients who experience knee pain due to arthritis on one side of their knee or the other.  This knee brace (also called an off-loading knee brace) applies pressure to the knee that opens (or unloads) the joint space.  Pain is relieved by opening the joint space.

Most unloading knee braces cost over $1000.  This is an inexpensive alternative that should absolutely be tried before spending big money at an orthopedic clinic.  This brace will apply warmth, compression, and gentle unloading to arthritic knees.

The top and bottom of this knee brace have independent closures which make it easy to put on and take off.  Relieve your knee pain without drugs, without surgery, and without expensive custom knee orthotics.


Compression Stocking Applicator

Compression Stocking Applicator

Do you wear compression stockings?  Are they hard for you to put on and take off?  Then it is time to consider the Compression Stocking Applicator.  This device allows for the easy application of compression stockings.

Many people with arthritic fingers decide not to wear their medically necessary compression stockings because it hurts for them to put on (don) and take off (doff) their compression hosiery.

Heritage Medical Equipment carries the Compression Stocking Applicator for $56.95. Click here to watch videos, and learn more about the Compression Stocking Applicator.


Knee Cap Arthritis

October 17, 2013

Shields II Instruction

The knee pain associated with arthritis can be caused by the patella (knee cap).  If the knee cap is out of position it can cause discomfort with every step.  Many times a knee brace can be an effective treatment option for patella tracking problems – but it has to be the correct type of knee brace.

Heritage Medical Equipment has a knee brace that can correct a misaligned patella.  The Shields Knee Brace is a patella tracking brace designed to mimic the taping an athletic trainer would provide during therapy.

This is a low-profile comfortable knee brace.  it actually grabs the knee cap and pulls it back into a comfortable position.  This is the best brace available for patella tracking issues.

Click here to learn more about the Shields II Knee Brace.