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Magnet Therapy

September 3, 2013
Magnetic knee braces can reduce knee pain and improve bone healing for osteoarthritis.

Magnetic knee braces can reduce knee pain.


Magnet therapy has been used for hundreds of years to relieve the pain associated with knee arthritis.  Some people do not believe that magnets can help.  I believe they do.  Why?  Well one reason is that the people who order magnetic knee braces from our website do not return them.  That is a huge indicator that people are happy with the product.  We have been selling magnetic knee braces for over five years, and have sold thousands of dollars worth of these knee braces.  They are rarely returned.

The knee braces last for a couple of years depending on usage.  Another indicator magnetic knee braces work to relieve pain is that people come back and buy new braces when their old ones wear out or don’t fit anymore.  Why don’t the braces fit?  One common reason is that patients lose weight and need a smaller size.  They lose weight because the knee brace allows them to be more active.  Pretty cool, right?  Why do the braces wear out?  Well, they get worn.  Two years for any type of neoprene knee sleeve to wear out is pretty good.

Magnetic knee braces have plenty of published studies tat prove effectiveness.  If the dollars and cents of the product makes more sense to you then keep in mind the people who buy these knee braces from our website do not return them, and they come back to buy more.

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