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Knee pain is a common symptom of osteoarthritis. Magnetic therapy is a promising emerging treatment.

Magnetic therapy is an emerging technique in osteoarthritis treatment and management of knee pain.  Generation of a nerve signal depends on rapid depolarization of the nerve cell.  An effective application of magnetic therapy could hyperpolarize the cell (make it more negative), which would reduce the amount of pain signals sent to the brain.

Magnetic therapy is well documented as an effective treatment for osteoarthritis.  Recent work published in the Journal of Material Chemistry supports the connection between negative charge and bone growth.  In the healthy human body, deformation of hydroxyapatite  crystals (the hard part of bone) produces a piezoelectric charge, which stimulates bone growth.  This natural system reinforces bone growth when existing bone is under stress.

Just as a negative charge hyperpolarized the nerve cell to reduce pain, a negative charge can also help to heal damaged bone.  A severely osteoarthritic knee could benefit greatly from improved bone growth, and the application of a negative charge could be the difference between recovery and degeneration.

So if you suffer from osteoarthritis of any severity, magnetic therapy may be right for you.  It has no side effects, and it just might make your life a whole lot better.