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Women and OA

Women and OA

Biology, hormones, and obesity are a few of the reasons why women suffer from knee osteoarthritis(OA) more than men.  60% of the 27 million people who suffer from OA are female.

Women are also more prone to experience osteoarthritis in the knees than men.  Why?

Biology is one reason.  Women give birth and their bodies are built to handle it.  As compared to men, their hips are wider and their joints are more relaxed.  When joints are less stable they are more prone to injury.

Genetics is also a factor.  Families pass down OA from generation to generation.  There appears to be a particular genetic link for women, specifically when it comes to the hands and knees.

Female hormones also have an effect on cartilage.  After menopause women lose some of the ability for their bodies to protect its cartilage.  Also, women tend to keep some weight around their bellies following menopause.  Additional weight casues problems for arthritic knees.

Sorry ladies.