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Magnetic Knee Wrap

A study from Taiwan proved that a magnetic therapy is effective, inexpensive, and safe for patients with knee osteoarthritis.  Patients wearing a magnetic knee wrap experienced significant improvement over the control group who wore a knee wrap without magnets.

This study primarily focused on the effect of a magnetic knee brace on the strength of quadriceps.  This study used magnets that provided a static magnetic field.  Strength immediately improved in the magnetic knee wrap group.  The strength continued to improve and peaked at the 12th week.  Conversely, the control group who wore the placebo knee wrap showed no signs of improvement.

The authors concluded that magnets that produce a static magnetic field may help patients recover lost strength in their arthritic knees.  They believe the magnetic therapy works by turning the quadriceps muscle “back on” after being “turned off” by changes in the nerve messages responding to pain signals.

Magnetic Knee Braces are inexpensive, safe, and work for some people.  Why not try it before subjecting your body to more pharmaceuticals or risking your life on the operating table?  Nobody has ever died from a knee brace.  If it doesn’t work – return it.

Chung-Yao Chen, MD et al. Effect of Magnetic Knee Wrap on Quadriceps Strength in Patients with Symptomatic Knee Osteoarthritis.  In Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  December 2008.  Vol. 89.  No. 12 pp. 2258-2264