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OA Pain ReliefAre you trying to avoid surgery and medications?  Are NSAID’s upsetting your stomach?

Arthritis Knee Braces are clinically proven to relieve pain and increase function in knees suffering from osteoarthritis.  They are often called “Unloading Knee Braces” or “Off-Loading Knee Braces”.  These knee braces have been on the market since the 1990’s and they work.  Not only do they work, they work well.

Bio-Mechanical knee braces offer a bio-mechanical solution to a bio-mechanical problem.  The knee pain associated with osteoarthritis is caused by a narrowing of the joint space.  Bio-mechanical knee braces open the joint space so the bones don’t pinch.  There are numerous studies proving these braces are clinically effective.

However the knee is a complicated joint.  Only a physician should decide if a bio-mechanical knee brace is right for you.  These braces will change the bio-mechanics of your knee.  If the wrong brace is applied it can cause more harm than good.  Click here if you want to learn how to obtain a bio-mechanical knee brace.

Most health insurance policies cover bio-mechanical knee braces.

Supporting Your Knees

February 16, 2010
Arthritis Brace

OA Brace

Since the knee is such as complex joint, utilized in quick movements and weight-bearing activities, it is highly susceptible to injury and osteoarthritis. Knee injuries and conditions once diminished a person’s quality of life, but today there is a variety of options to help combat the pain. One of these options is a knee brace.

A simple support brace is an effective and efficient method to provide support and comfort to the knee joint.  It provides circumferential compression and warmth to the arthritic joint.  The compression and warmth increases blood flow to the joint bringing oxygen and nutrients to the damaged cartilage.