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This morning I had to fast for a doctor’s appointment – water only for 12 hours.  The hardest part was not having coffee.  So directly after my blood was drawn I went to my friend’s deli.  Large black coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese on a roll with salt, pepper, and ketchup in case you’re wondering.

Thomas is one of the deli owners and I’ve known him for years.  He took my order and called it into the kitchen.  The breakfast rush was over and lunch was still a couple hours away so we had a few minutes to catch up.

Tom was limping and wearing a basic knee sleeve.  He explained that he had been fishing all weekend and spent a couple days in moderate swells being bounced around on a friend’s boat.  The end result was a stiff knee and a noticeable limp.  There wasn’t any trauma just regular wear and tear.  Thomas in his in his late forties and spends most of the day on his feet, so a bad knee is a bit more than an inconvenience.

Tom has a family and didn’t have time to rest after his fishing trip.  He went directly from the boat to his fatherly duties, and then went to bed.  He woke up and then went directly to work.  Tom knew nothing about RICE.  RICE stands for Rest, ice, compression, and elevation.  RICE is good for knee pain caused by arthritis or a minor injury.

I explained RICE to Tom.  He said he hopes his schedule will allow him to try it.

Good luck Tom.  My fear is that if you don’t find the time, your knee will find it for you.

Now there’s a time to rest and a time to exercise.  Listen to your body.  It will usually let you know when it’s time for what.

OA Treatment Option

December 20, 2014
Knee Support
Knee Support

Maybe all you need is a simple knee sleeve.  A neoprene knee brace will provide warmth and compression, that will make an arthritic knee feel better.  An arthritis knee sleeve is a simple and inexpensive treatment option that may reduce the amount of medications you take, and get you up and moving.  Less knee pain is a good thing.

This Reinforced Knee Sleeve is constructed of neoprene with a 2-sided nylon outer covering.  This knee brace provides warmth, compression, and padding.  An additional oval pad in the font of the knee support offers additional protection and localized heat.  Contouring behind the knee makes this knee brace comfortable and low profile.

This knee brace is available on the Heritage Medical Equipment website for $18.95. Click this link to learn more.


Knee Support

Knee Support


A simple knee sleeve can help with knee pain.  If you are new to the knee pain associated with osteoarthritis a good place to start is with a basic knee sleeve.  Knee braces come in lots of different shapes and sizes.  That’s because a lot can go wring with the knee joint.  Knee braces can come with hinges, straps, donut knee cap buttresses, range-of-motion dials, and magnets.  All these features have their merits but they’re not always necessary.

If you have mild knee pain associated with osteoarthritis a knee sleeve is a great treatment option.  A knee sleeve will provide warmth and compression.  This will make an arthritic knee feel better by increasing blood flow to the joint and by reducing swelling.  You don’t need hinges or anything that complicated.  Try a knee sleeve over Advil or aspirin.  You’re going to have osteoarthritis for a long time, so you want to postpone taking medications until it’s absolutely necessary.  Nobody has ever died from wearing a knee brace, or developed an ulcer, or destroyed their liver.  That happens with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

A knee sleeve is an inexpensive treatment option that is safe and effective.

Click here to learn more about knee sleeves.

Arthritis Knee Sleeve

Simple neoprene sleeves may be very helpful in treating knee pain. They provide subtle support for the knee-cap and help it to track in the proper alignment.

Knee pain is one of the leading causes of disability in the USA, and can impair many activities of daily living and reduce quality of life.  Knee pain due to osteoarthritis is often treated chemically (with drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprophen) or surgically (with knee replacements).  While both treatments can be highly effective, they present risks that may further damage the knee or the whole person.  Typically, drug treatments carry risks of systemic side-effects, while surgical failures present more local damage to the body.

In the coming weeks, we will propose an alternative style of treatment that can protect you from surgical and pharmaceutical treatments.  We will introduce orthotic knee bracing as a safe, effective treatment option, that deserves greater consideration.  We at osteoarthritisblog hope that you will try out knee bracing before risking other more common, but more dangerous approaches to osteoarthritis.

The simplest variety of knee bracing is the neoprene knee sleeve.  Recent research out of the University of Manchester found that 100% of 126 patients that used simple knee bracing for their knee osteoarthritis improved significantly within six weeks.  There is also evidence that neoprene sleeves allow for improved safety and stability while exercising, which can help to build muscles that protect the knee.  In other words:  knee bracing may provide improvements that persist after the brace is removed.

So before you buy some more tylenol, and way before you go in for a knee replacement, try out a simple knee brace like a neoprene sleeve.  It can’t hurt, and it just might change your life.

Knee Support

September 3, 2012

Knee Support

Knee support braces made from neoprene are common treatment options for osteoarthritis.  It is important these knee braces have covered seams because lots of times loose threads on the brace can cause irritation.  Also the edges of these knee braces should be bound.  The binding gives the braces a much cleaner look and also ensures the braces last longer.

A neoprene knee support should last about one year.

Knee Support

August 19, 2012

Knee Support


Can a simple support brace make my arthritic knee feel better?

A neoprene knee sleeve will provide warmth and compression.  A support brace like this is not a cure but it will help with some of the symptoms.  A little bit of support can go a long way.  This is an inexpensive treatment option that potentially can decrease the amount of drugs a patient needs to take.  There are many types of neoprene knee sleeves available.  The best ones will be durable, washable, and have some type of covering or barrier that keeps the neoprene from directly contacting the skin.

An over the knee sleeve can be beneficial to an arthritic knee.  The sleeve will provide warmth and compression.  Do not underestimate how this can make your knee feel.  Even just a modicum of knee pain relief and additional stability might mean the difference between taking the steps or taking the elevator.  Small changes in your lifestyle can add up as the days, weeks, and months pass.  And decreasing the amount of medications you consume over the days, weeks, and months can also have a beneficial effect to your overall health.

It took years for osteoarthritis to deteriorate your cartilage, it will take some time to overcome and circumvent the damage.  Strong flexible legs should be your goal.  An over the knee sleeve can help!

How long will a neoprene knee sleeve last?  The answer to this question depends on several factors.

1.  How often will you wear your neoprene knee sleeve?

2.  What activities will you be participating in?

3.  How is the knee brace cared for?

4.  How well does the neoprene knee sleeve fit?

5.  How is the brace constructed?

Generally speaking expect to get a year out of a neoprene sleeve with regular use.  However if you are installing carpet for a living, participating in extreme sports, or wearing an inexpensive brace expect a shorter lifespan.

With neoprene knee braces you get what you pay for.  A product with nylon coating will make a brace more comfortable and durable.  Stitching and quality of neoprene will also play an important role.



How do I measure my leg for a knee sleeve?  It’s easy.  Generally speaking to choose the correct size knee brace for yourself you need the circumference of your knee and/or thigh.

The circumference is the distance around your leg.  If you have a tape measure just wrap it around your knee.  Don’t squeeze it tight, your skin shouldn’t “rope” around the tape.  A little less than snug is what you’re looking for.

If you don’t have a tape measure wrap a piece of string around your knee, and then measure the string against a ruler.

What do knee compression braces accomplish?  A few things.

1.  A neoprene sleeve will provide warmth and compression to an arthritic knee.  This circumferential squeeze  can help an achy joint feel better.  It will promote blood flow and increase circulation to the knee.  This increase in nutrients and fluids will help your cartilage.

2.  The compression will also promote proprioception.  The skin is the largest organ in the human body.  By compressing the surface area of the skin over the arthritic joint, your knee will feel better.       Proprioception relates to knowing where your limbs are in relation to the rest of your body.  Increased proprioception will help your knee to function and feel better.

3.  Knee compression braces will also provide a measure of protection and stability.  Just a little extra support can make the difference between walking for ten minutes, and walking for fifteen minutes.  The accumulation of steps over time can increase your overall health and strength of your knee joint.