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April 9, 2019

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              Knee Pain Relief


The degenerative effects of osteoarthritis can be treated successfully through therapy. Participating in therapy will help to alleviate your knee pain associated with the disease, but it can also improve your overall health. Strengthening the muscles around an arthritic joint will increase your range of motion and diminish your knee pain.

Another way to treat osteoarthritis is the use of specialized arthritis knee braces. These braces provide warmth and compression, which helps to relieve pain, support the joint and restore mobility. Many of these braces are made of neoprene, which provides an unparalleled level of comfort and a custom fit.


We get asked all the time about the best knee brace for treating knee pain associated with osteoarthritis.  So what is the best knee brace for OA?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one perfect knee brace that will treat every arthritic knee.  Every person is different.  The size of the leg is important, both in length and width.  A tall person with thin legs will require a different brace than someone who is short and stout.  It’s easier to keep a knee brace in place on a muscular leg than it is a soft fleshy one.  How hard or soft a leg is can be an important determination.  The location of the knee pain is a consideration.  Arthritis on the inside of the knee requires a different type of brace than arthritis on the outside of the knee.  Cosmetic appearance matters more to some people than to others, but it also plays a role in selecting knee braces.

There are custom and off-the-shelf knee braces for OA.  Custom knee braces for osteoarthritis are overkill for the vast majority of patients.  Custom knee braces can be made from a variety of materials.  In fact the manufacturers of custom knee braces often just modify their off-the-shelf models and call them custom.  Beware of being taken advantage of.  If you are getting a custom knee brace make sure to ask how the brace is being made.  These knee braces cost over $1200.  Patients need to ensure it is truly custom, and not just molded to a patient model with rubber bands.  Custom knee braces are for patients who are obese, or have unique anatomy.  Just about all the rest of the OA knee brace wearing public will do just fine in an off-the-shelf model.

How do you know which knee brace is right for you?  Your doctor can help but probably doesn’t know all the types of knee braces that are available.  A certified orthotist is really your best bet for determining what brace is right for you.  You can find a certified orthotist here.  Certified orthotists are licensed and educated in bracing.  It’s their specialty.

The Stride OA does a good job treating a wide range of patients.  It is adjustable so it can fit different leg sizes.  The Stride OA can treat either medial or lateral OA and is farily simple to put on.  To get the best result with the Stride OA patients should be measured and fit by a certified orthotist.

If you are considering buying a knee brace or back brace over the internet, or calling an 800 number, and having the people you’re communicating with bill Medicare on your behalf –  stop.  Stop immediately.  It’s a scam.  Even if you receive the back brace or knee brace, you’re being robbed.  When a medical professional bills medicare on your behalf for a knee brace or back brace they are supposed to evaluate you, measure you, fit you, and be available for follow-up.  The follow-up is good for three years!  All of that is built into the cost.  The person fitting you needs to be a credentialed medical professional.  In some states the person needs to be licensed.

The internet and 800 phone number companies are running a scam.  Don’t believe me?  Just look at the math.  When a medical professional bills Medicare for fitting a knee brace or back brace they will get reimbursed between $800 and $1200 – it depends on the state you live in, and the type of brace being ordered.  Built into that price is the evaluation, measuring, fitting, and follow up visits.  How many follow-up visits?  As many as you need.  You can go see that person everyday for three years for adjustments and they cannot charge you a penny.

Here are a couple of arthritis knee braces we sell on line.  The price is between $159.99 and $329.99.  Here is a typical back brace, $75.45.  We do not bill Medicare.  We sell to the medical professionals that do.  The medical professionals bill Medicare between $800 and $1200 – which is fair and reasonable.  Built into that price is all of the evaluating, measuring, fitting, and follow-ups.  The internet knee brace and back brace providers scam Medicare by buying the brace and shipping it to you.  They skip all the patient care that is built into the reimbursement.

Heritage Medical Equipment owns a couple of blogs, a website that sells orthopedic braces directly to consumers, and we do some distributing for the orthopedic community.  With that said, more than one of these internet and 800 number companies have contacted us over the years looking to buy our knee braces and back braces.  We have very competitive pricing so they are attracted to us.  In many of these cases it only takes a couple of phone calls to our manufacturers to learn that these companies run up huge bills, never pay them, and then disappear.

If you need a back brace or a knee brace, get a prescription from your doctor and go to a certified orthotist.  An orthotist is credentialed professional with a degree.


Arthritis Knee Brace

October 21, 2017

Knee Sleeve


A knee brace can be an effective treatment option for osteoarthritis.  Even a simple arthritis knee sleeve can make an arthritic knee joint feel better.  The warmth and compression can increase mobility and provide some protection as well as support.  A knee brace is a safe and inexpensive treatment option that is worth trying.  There are different types of knee braces specifically designed for osteoarthritis.  A sleeve is good for mild pain, a brace with hinges should be used if the knee hurts and is unstable, and a brace that actually opens the joint space should be used for severe OA.

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Women and Joint Pain

October 17, 2017


There are three distinct risk factors that lead women to suffer from arthritis more than men: biology, genetics, and hormones.

Biology:  The hips.  Women are designed to have babies so they’re shaped differently than men.  The angle of their hips distributes their body weight across the knees less efficiently than in men.  Also their ligaments are more elastic so their knees are less stable.  More pressure and less stability makes a knee joint more likely to get hurt.

Genetics:  Women whose mothers had OA should not be surprised to find themselves suffering the same type of joint pain, in the same places, and around the same age.  It is common for OA to run in families.  Research shows the genetic links.

Hormones:  Estrogen protects cartilage.  As the estrogen decreases so does the protection.  There is an increased prevalence in the onset of OA during menopause.

THIS BLOG IS FOR SALE. It has been up since 2010 and has had over 8 MILLION HITS.  call (800)762-9605 and leave your email address to learn more.

Stage 2 – Mild

Stage 2 is where symptoms start to develop.  A knee may start to get achy if a person sits for a long time, walks too much, or spends the whole day on their feet.  Stiffness and joint pain are common complaints.

Bone lumps and thinning cartilage can be seen on X-rays or MRIs.  The joint space will remain normal and the bones are not rubbing or scraping against one another.

Exercise and weight loss are still the primary treatment options.  Arthritis knee braces are also recommended.  An arthritis knee brace can help stabilize and protect the knee joint.

Global Knee Brace

Weight loss and exercise are two of the best treatment options for knee osteoarthritis.  There are certainly drugs, injections, hyaluronic acid, and surgeries – all with their associated risks.  However weight loss and exercise are free – no insurance companies, no doctors, no pharmacies…just get up and walk.  However it can be a catch 22.  If your knee hurts, how can you walk?  A knee brace can be a great solution.  There are different types of knee braces for osteoarthritis.  Some knee braces require a prescription, some can be purchased in a sporting good store.  Some knee braces will be covered by your health insurance, and some won’t.  Check with your doctor about which knee brace is right for you.

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Global Knee Brace

March 14, 2017

Global Knee Brace


  • For Bi-Compartmental OA
  • For Tri-Compartmental OA
  • Range-of-Motion Hinges
  • Provides Stability
  • Assists in Mobility



The Global Knee addresses pain, provides stability, and assists in mobility.  There is often a significant amount of time that passes from when a patient is told they need to have their knee replaced and the actual surgery.  This knee brace helps patients during that time.

The Patella Sling controls the patella with an inferior to superior directional pull.  There are adjustable struts that can be molded with bending irons (not included) to accommodate swollen knees and apply a varus or valgus force.  There’s a removable buttress that can be adjusted for each patient’s needs.

Reinforced hinge pockets provide durability and double as a built-in pull-up assist.  The Global knee is constructed of breathable lycra urethane laminate and spacer fabric.  The range-of-motion hinges are slightly offset to accommodate inflamed bulbous knees.


  • Arthritis
  • Global Knee Pain
  • Bi-Compartmental OA
  • Tri-Compartmental OA



Take two measurements.

Measure the circumference of the leg at the calf and thigh.

Size                    Calf Circumference       Thigh Circumference

X- Small                  11″ – 13″                             15″ – 17″

Small                    12.5″ – 13.5″                        16″ – 18″

Medium                13.5″ – 15.5″                        17.5″ – 19.5″

Large                    14.5″ – 16.5″                        18.5″ – 20.5″

X Large                 16.5″ – 19″                           19.5″ – 22″

2X Large               18″ – 20.5″                           20.5″ – 23″

3X Large               19″ – 22″                               24″ – 27″

Arthritis Knee Brace

February 27, 2017

Arthritis Knee Brace

  • Hinged Knee Brace
  • Circumferential Straps
  • Knee Cap Control Buttress
  • Multi-Position Hinges
  • Pull Up Loops
  • Open Patella
  • Covered Hinges


This support brace is constructed of 1/8″ neoprene, to provide warmth and compression. This increases blood flow to your arthritic joint. The knee support is constructed with a felt buttress designed to control and protect your knee cap. The aluminum hinges work in conjunction with the neoprene to help stabilize and protect your knee joint.  People with arthritis in the knees often have arthritis in their hands.  This is a knee brace that is easy to take on and take off – a blessing for people with arthritic fingers.


  • Pre and Post-Operative MCL/LCL Care
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Moderate ACL/PCL Sprains & Strains
  • Knee Pain
  • Knee Instability


Measure the Circumference at Knee Center with the Leg Fully Extended

Extra Small:      12″ – 13″
Small:                13″ – 14″
Medium:           14″ – 15″
Large:                15″ – 16″
Extra Large:      16″ – 18″
2X Large:          18″ – 20″
3X Large:          20″ – 22″
4X Large:          22″ – 24″