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August 2018
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Below is text from a patient who recently received a bio-mechanical knee brace for OA, and felt so strongly about the results he wrote a letter to the manufacturer.

“Dear Mark,

I have attached two PDF documents showing the before and after x-rays of my left knee.  It illustrates the significant change and improved position of my knee, with separation and relief from the bone to bone condition I have.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a huge change the new brace has had on the quality of life for me and the exceptional care you provided.  The casting and custom built knee braces for osteoarthritis along with building the shim pads for my shoes to correct my bow legged condition have decreased swelling, eliminated the pain I was having 24/7 and most importantly is allowing me to do the things I would never have been able to do before.

My son and I attended the SF Giants game and we have standing room only tickets in right field.  I was able to stand for over 3 hours straight, with no support and never leaving my location completely pain free.  This included both my knee and lower back, which I normally start having pain after 15 minutes.  The constant swelling of the knee is gone.

Your attention to detail and the process and advice you provided have resulted in a significant improvement in quality of life for me and I see myself doing many more activities and extending the life of my knee for years to come.

With warm regards and a big thank you!

Bob V.”

Knee Braces Buy Time For Patients

Are you too young to have your knee replaced?  Do you want to postpone your knee arthroplasty for a couple of more years?  Patients with knee osteoarthritis can buy time using bio mechanical knee braces.

Bio-mechanical knee braces, or off-loading knee braces help patients with osteoarthritis relieve pain and increase function.  The knee brace is not a cure for osteoarthritis but it will help patients defer their surgeries.

Patients that are poor surgical candidates because they are diabetics or are overweight often use bio mechanical knees braces to relieve their pain.  Also patients who experience negative side effects of non-steroidal ant inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) benefit from these braces.

An arthritis knee brace requires a prescription from your physician and must be fit by a professional credentialed to measure and fit custom orthotics.  Bio mechanical knee braces are covered by Medicare, medicaid and most major HMO’s and PPO’s.