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February 2019
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Total Knee Rehab

Total Knee Rehab

The rehabilitation process following knee replacement will vary.  Expect to stay in the hospital from one to seven days following your surgery.  The length of stay will depend on your strength and your at-home support.

Protected weight-bearing with a walker or crutches is required until the quadriceps has healed and recovered.  Continuous Passive Motion machines are often prescribed to enhance range of motion.  Daily physical therapy will be required to restore motion, function, and strength.

It will take about six weeks for you to walk with a cane, and full recovery should be expected after three months.  Many patients kick themselves for waiting so long to have their knees replaced.  After years of suffering with osteoarthritis it is a pleasure to be able to walk without pain.

Knee Replacement

Knee Replacement

There is an increasing trend toward knee replacement (total knee arthroplasty) in treating knee osteoarthritis.  A teaching hospital in Hong Kong looked at 750 patients who had their knees replaced from January of 2000 to December of 2009.

The number of total knee replacements increased from 91 in 200 to 181 in 2009.  There were 588 females who had their knees replaced compared to 162 males with 589 left knees being replaced and 568 right knees.  The men age of the patients having their knees replaced did not change significantly but the number of patients over 80 years of age increased from 4.8% to 13.8%.

This article was published in the Hong Kong Medical Journal (Feb 2011).