November 2015
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CMC Arthritis Brace



This is a unique thumb brace specifically designed for thumb arthritis.  It positions the thumb to relieve the joint pain caused by the osteoarthritis.  It is light, low-profile, hygienic, and easy to put on and take off.

A thumb brace like this can help relieve pain, increase function and quite possibly reduce the amount of pain killers a patient needs to take.  This is an inexpensive treatment option for basal joint or CMC arthritis.

The basal joint is located at the bottom of the thumb.  It allows the thumb to rotate and swivel.  It is also called the carpometacarpal joint.
Osteoarthritis often finds a home in the basal joint because we use our hands a lot.  Injury or trauma can lead to arthritis but so can overuse.  And who doesn’t overuse their thumbs?
Patients who experience CMC Arthritis or Basal Joint Arthritis will lose grip strength and have pain and sometimes swelling.  A thumb splint or thumb brace can help.

What does CMC arthritis feel like.  Well, it hurts.  Pain is the primary symptom for people suffering with basal joint arthritis.  At first the pain usually comes and goes during activity.  Once the activity is underway the pain usually subsides and then returns once the thumb is resting.  As the CMC arthritis gets worse the pain will become more constant.  It will become difficult to grip things and then pain will spread from the base of the thumb to the heel part of the hand.

Once the cartilage begins to erode and the bones rub together there may squeaking or cracking – this is called crepitus.

The joint will become stiff and difficult to move.   Warmth and compression can help.  Most neoprene thumb braces can provide this.