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February 2019
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An arthritic knee brace generally should not be used to treat rheumatoid arthritis.  Rheumatoid arthritis is the chemical breakdown of cartilage, and most knee braces can’t do much to make a joint affected by this condition feel better.  An unloading knee brace is indicated for osteoarthritis.  Since osteoarthritis is the mechanical breakdown of cartilage, a knee brace that changes the biomechanics of the knee joint can shift the body weight the knee joint absorbs from the unhealthy part of the cartilage to the healthier side.  When a knee is affected by rheumatoid generally the entire mass of cartilage is affected not just one specific side.

So beware of advertisements that explain a knee brace can help with rheumatoid arthritis.

There is a lot to consider when buying a knee brace for arthritis.  Where to begin?

Your first step is at the doctor’s office.  You need to know what is going on inside your knee joint.  The knee slides, glides, and rotates.  There are ligaments, cartilage, bones, and tendons to consider.  Knee braces accomplish different goals.  You need to understand why your knee hurts or gives out before you brace it.

If you are confident the knee pain stems from osteoarthritis, there are a few different braces to consider.  A simple neoprene knee brace will work fine for mild arthritis pain. The neoprene will provide warmth and compression as well as offer some support.

If you have knee cap problems as well as arthritis then you may want to consider a neoprene knee sleeve with a patella buttress.  The buttress will help control the knee cap.

If you have moderate to significant pain than a hard-shell unloading type of arthritic knee brace may work best.  These knee braces require a prescription and must be measured for and fit by certified orthotists.  These knee braces will change the bio-mechanics of your body.

So to recap, first figure out what is wrong and what work needs to be done.  Then choose the right tool for the job.