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Aerobic Exercise for Knee OA

Aerobic Exercise for Knee OA

Exercise and your knees will feel better.  But what kind of exercise will make your knees feel best?  It probably will have to be a combination of exercises that help you lose weight, strengthen your anatomy, and make you more flexible.

Exercise generally falls into three categories:  aerobic, strength conditioning, and flexibility.  If you want your arthritic knees to feel better without taking drugs and without surgery then look to create an exercise program that incorporates all three types of exercise.

Aerobic Exercise:  This is any type of activity that uses oxygen to fuel your muscles.  Any activity that works the big muscles in your arms and legs for an extended period of time can be considered aerobic.  Aerobic Exercise makes your heart pump hard and increases your breathing rate.  This in turn will burn calories and help control your weight.

Examples of Aerobic Exercise:  running, stair climbing, fast walking, rowing, jumping rope, cros-country skiing, biking, and swimming.

Lose weight and decrease the amount of pressure on your knees.

Low Impact Aerobics

Low Impact Aerobics

Low impact aerobics involves continuous exercise involving large groups of muscles where at least one foot always remains on the ground.  This type of exercise is ideal for people with osteoarthritis in their knees  and overweight people.  It is a great way to begin and maintain an exercise program.  Low Impact Aerobic Classes include controlled arm and leg movements used in a continuous rhythmic activity.

Each class should start with stretching and a warm-up, and end with a cool-down period.  Aerobic exercise is important for weight loss.  Lose weight, get exercise and the pain associated with your knee osteoarthritis should dissipate.  Need some support while exercising?  Try knee sleeves for warmth, compression, and stability.