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A New Alternative to Treat Knee OA

November 3, 2014


The Stride OA is a knee brace designed to relieve the knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.  What makes this knee brace an effective treatment option for OA is that it only has one hinge, and that hinge is always going to be on the outside of the leg.

The most popular unloading knee braces have one hinge, not two.  Two hinges make a knee brace bulky and uncomfortable.  Think about a metal bar rubbing the inside of your legs raw.  What makes the Stride OA unique is that the single hinge is always positioned on the outside of the leg.  This is important.  Most single hinge knee braces require that the hinge be positioned on the affected side of the knee.  This means the hinge goes on the side of knee where the knee pain is.  Since most people suffer from medial compartment OA (pain on the inside of the knee), most people receive unloading knee braces with hinges on the inside of their legs.  The Stride OA always, always, always has the hinge positioned on the outside of the leg.

So for the vast majority of people who suffer with knee osteoarthritis, the Stride OA is going to be a comfortable, and effective treatment option.  And for patients with arthritis in both of their knees the Stride OA may be their only option.  Think about trying to walk with two metal bars strapped on the inside of your knees banging against each other.

Easy-to-use buckles secure this brace to the leg.  The cuffs are durable yet conform easily to a variety of leg shapes.  That means the knee brace will provide pain relief and be comfortable.

Learn more about the Stride OA.

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