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Unloading Knee Brace


We get a lot of questions about knee braces being sold on e-bay and Craig’s list.  Let’s be clear.  Do not buy someone else’s knee brace for osteoarthritis.

Knee braces for osteoarthritis can either be custom built for a specific person, or off-the shelf.  If you are looking to buy a custom knee brace that someone is selling on-line the only way it will work is if you are the same exact size as the person who the brace was built for,  your arthritis affects the same knee, in the same exact place.  The chances of that are remote.

Now if you buy an off-the-shelf unloading brace you may have a little more success, but not much.  You still have to be the same size of the person who previously wore the brace, the arthritis must affect the same knee, and in the same exact place.  Your odds of having a successful outcome are still slim.

Buying a used knee brace is like buying someone else’s socks.  The liners of the brace were up against the person’s skin.  There’s sweat, dead skin, bacteria…is the money you save really worth it?

A new knee brace for osteoarthritis can cost you as little as $149.95.