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Pain Relief

Pain Relief From a Knee Brace


Knee braces for osteoarthritis have been used for over twenty years as a treatment for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  There are published studies that prove a knee brace can relieve knee pain, reduce the amount of medications patients take for pain relief, increase knee function, and reduce the amount of load placed on the knee joint.  Unloading knee braces work best when the arthritis is affecting one side of the knee.  The brace will actually absorb some of the load placed on your knee joint by your body weight and also absorb some of the load so the affected compartment isn’t pinched.

A knee brace is not a cure.  This treatment option is meant to buy some time.  A knee brace can help your knee pain enough to get you up and moving.  If your knee doesn’t hurt you can take less medications.  See the big picture?  Wear the knee brace, reduce your knee pain, reduce the amount of medications you take, lose weight, postpone surgery…

A knee brace is an inexpensive treatment option that won’t hurt you.  Nobody has ever got sick or died from trying a knee brace.  Drugs and surgery have adverse side effects.  You know this.  Doing nothing and hoping your knee pain goes away by itself isn’t much of an option either.  By trying an unloading knee brace you are taking a proactive role in your healthcare.