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Support Brace

Support Brace

Orthopedic surgeons can be judged by the quality of products they provide.  A current trend in the orthopedic community is turning orthopedic braces into profit centers.  Insurance providers are reimbursing doctors less and less for surgeries so it is not surprising that orthopedic practices are experimenting with different avenues, like knee bracing, to remain profitable.

Information like this is advantageous to patients.  The quality of braces a doctor provides is a glimpse into the way that physician practices medicine.

If a doctor fits a patient with a knee brace and bills that patient’s insurance company or charges cash, the knee brace that doctor provides is a clear indicator of that doctor’s motives.  If the knee brace is of poor quality (cheap) then patients can rightfully infer that this doctor is putting their profits ahead of patient care.  If a doctor is willing to take advantage of a patient when it comes to a simple support brace, it’s reasonable to assume that same doctor will take advantage of a patient throughout the entire time that patient is under their care.

Conversely if a doctor provides a high quality orthopedic device it demonstrates that physician’s ability to put patient care ahead of nickels and dimes.  It shows that doctor is more concerned with the health and well-being of his / her patients than inflating the bottom line.

If an orthopedic doctor regularly braces knee problems that doctor should supply quality products.  If you are a patient that recently received a knee brace, ankle brace, or walking boot from your doctor, take a moment and look at it.  Really look at it.  That brace is an accurate representation of the care you will receive.