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Pain Relief

Pain Relief From a Knee Brace


Knee braces for osteoarthritis have been used for over twenty years as a treatment for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  There are published studies that prove a knee brace can relieve knee pain, reduce the amount of medications patients take for pain relief, increase knee function, and reduce the amount of load placed on the knee joint.  Unloading knee braces work best when the arthritis is affecting one side of the knee.  The brace will actually absorb some of the load placed on your knee joint by your body weight and also absorb some of the load so the affected compartment isn’t pinched.

A knee brace is not a cure.  This treatment option is meant to buy some time.  A knee brace can help your knee pain enough to get you up and moving.  If your knee doesn’t hurt you can take less medications.  See the big picture?  Wear the knee brace, reduce your knee pain, reduce the amount of medications you take, lose weight, postpone surgery…

A knee brace is an inexpensive treatment option that won’t hurt you.  Nobody has ever got sick or died from trying a knee brace.  Drugs and surgery have adverse side effects.  You know this.  Doing nothing and hoping your knee pain goes away by itself isn’t much of an option either.  By trying an unloading knee brace you are taking a proactive role in your healthcare.



Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief


An OA Knee Brace is a proven treatment option for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  It will relieve (unload) the pressure on an arthritic knee joint.  Pain relief is achieved by dispersing the pressure a person’s body weight puts on their knee every time they take a step.  The knee brace absorbs some of the pressure, and some of the pressure is transferred to the opposite side of the knee.

This unloading will provide knee pain relief.  Many patients can tell if a knee brace is working the moment they put it on.  An instant reduction in pain is common.  An unloading knee brace with a neoprene or elastic sleeve will provide warmth and compression.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  The contact of the material alone will make an arthritic knee feel better.  When you add a bit of unloading, a knee brace can reduce pain, and provide protection and stability to an arthritic knee joint.

Does the inside of your knee hurt when you go up and down stairs?  An unloading knee brace can help keep you mobile.  No drugs, no surgery.  Knee braces for osteoarthritis are worth trying.

Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief

The new knee brace for osteoarthritis is now available at Heritage Medical Equipment.  This knee brace is indicated for patients who experience knee pain due to arthritis on one side of their knee or the other.  This knee brace (also called an off-loading knee brace) applies pressure to the knee that opens (or unloads) the joint space.  Pain is relieved by opening the joint space.

Most unloading knee braces cost over $1000.  This is an inexpensive alternative that should absolutely be tried before spending big money at an orthopedic clinic.  This brace will apply warmth, compression, and gentle unloading to arthritic knees.

The top and bottom of this knee brace have independent closures which make it easy to put on and take off.  Relieve your knee pain without drugs, without surgery, and without expensive custom knee orthotics.


The KineSpring system unloads the medial compartment throughout a broad range of motion.

Moximed’s KineSpring system was developed as a surgical intervention for osteoarthritis of the knee that is not as severe as a joint replacement.  If the medial compartment of the knee is under abnormal stresses, it can lead to extreme knee pain.  This pain, and the osteoarthritis that causes it, is often treated with anti-inflammatories, rest, diet, exercise, and ultimately a partial or total knee replacement.  This final stage of treatment, the joint replacement surgery, is highly traumatic.  Joint replacements involve the removal of entire sections of bone to be replaced by metallic prosthetics.

Instead of removing damaged bone, the KineSpring system offers an implantable spring that could let the injured tissue heal.  The spring unloads the medial compartment of the knee throughout a broad range of knee motion, allowing high user function while promoting tissue repair.  This is especially important because knee motion is crucial to bone and cartilage growth.  If you are considering a medial compartment knee joint replacement, the KineSpring may be a less severe and similarly effective alternative.

But do not mistake this post as an endorsement of the KineSpring system for osteoarthritis of the medial compartment.  The KineSpring is a surgical replication of an orthotic solution.  In other words, a knee brace for osteoarthritis offers all of the benefits of the KineSpring system without the needless risk of undergoing surgery.  So if you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, ask your doctor about orthotic solutions before you move on to surgical ones.  Braces are safer, less expensive, and far more easily removed than surgical implantations.

OA and Knee Braces

October 10, 2012



Knee pain is treated with many different braces, depending on the source of knee pain.  Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common diagnosis, and can occur in several variations.  One common type is called “unicompartmental osteoarthritis”.  This means that the osteoarthritis primarily effects one side of the knee (usually the side closer to the other leg).  If you have this type of knee osteoarthritis, then a medial knee brace for OA may be right for you.

A medial unloading knee brace supports the weight the would pass through the injured compartment.  It also redirects some of the remaining forces through the other compartment of the knee.  This reduces the stress on the osteoarthritis.  The medial knee brace for osteoarthritis can help without restricting motion at the knee.  In fact a recent study by the Steadman Philippon Research Institute found that a medial unloading knee brace can improve function and reduce the need for pain and anti-inflammatory medications.

If you have persistent pain on one side of your knee, then the medial OA knee brace may be right for you.  Braces make great solutions because they are mechanical, and not physiological solutions.  This means that the side effects are minimal, and adjustments can be made as necessary without the risk of systemic problems.


What’s the difference between a medial and a lateral knee brace for osteoarthritis?  The difference between the two knee braces is what side of the knee joint the brace is trying to help.

An OA knee brace is intended to treat one side of an arthritic knee joint, either the medial or the lateral. Medial refers to the inside of your knee, lateral refers to the outside.  So a medial knee brace will decrease pain on the inside of your knee while a lateral OA knee brace treats pain on the outside of your knee.

The hinge and shells of these knee braces absorb the majority of your body weight as you walk and step.  However there is some transference of body weight to the opposite compartment of the knee joint.  So if you are wearing a medial brace, you are shifting more of your body weight to the outside compartment thus unloading the inside compartment of your knee.  That is why it is very important that you get the correct knee brace for your arthritic condition.  If you unload the wrong side you will end up putting more pressure on the side that hurts – that means more pain, not less.

How do you make sure you are getting the right knee brace?  Let the people trained in biomechanics and anatomy do their jobs.  Go see a doctor and get a specific diagnosis.  Have the doctor write a prescription.  Then take the prescription to a certified orthotist.


A knee brace for osteoarthritis works best when treating an arthritic knee where one side of the knee is affected more severely than the other.  Knee braces that provide medial support help relieve pain on the inside of your knee.

In most cases of unicompartmental osteoarthritis, the medial compartment or the inside of the knee is affected.  This is due largely to the way the knee functions, the angle of the hips,  and how body weight is distributed across the joint.

Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis

Click on the above link to see a wide selection of unloading knee braces.  These knee braces offer a bio-mechanical solution to a bio-mechanical problem.  Knee braces are proven to relieve pain and increase function in patients with medial compartment osteoarthritis.

Knee Brace For Exercise

Tai Chi

                                          Tai Chi

A knee brace for osteoarthritis or a bio-mechanical knee brace is designed to provide pain relief from unicompartmental osteoarthritis so you can return to activity.  These braces absolutely work.  They are a bio-mechanical solution to a bio-mechanical problem.

These knee braces are covered by most health insurance policies and require a prescription.  In many cases patients experience immediate pain relief.  No drugs.  No surgery.  Put the knee brace on and start walking.  Think about this…

An Unloading knee braces can relieve your pain.  That will allow you to start exercising.  Start exercising and begin to lose weight.  The more weight you lose the less stress on your knees.  The less stress, the less pain.  All of this without going to the pharmacy every week, and without surgery.

If pain is preventing you from exercising, a knee brace might be able to get you moving again.


Instant pain relief.  Ask any certified orthotist and they will say the same thing.  The majority of patients who try on a knee brace for osteoarthritis will experience an immediate reduction in pain.  The three point pressure system acts like a fulcrum.  It is a biomechanical solution to a biomechanical problem.

These are prescription orthopedic devices that need to be measured for and fit by a certified orthotist.  Sometimes these braces are fit by sales representatives, sometimes they are fit by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and even cast technicians.  DO NOT LET AN UNCERTIFIED PERSON FIT THESE DEVICES ON YOUR LEG.  Just because a person is a health care provider does not mean they are certified to fit knee braces for osteoarthrits.  These knee braces do a lot of work, if applied incorrectly a knee brace for osteoarthritis can do more harm than good.

These knee braces work.  They work best when prescribed by a physician, and measured and fit for by a certified practitioner.



Below is text from a patient who recently received a bio-mechanical knee brace for OA, and felt so strongly about the results he wrote a letter to the manufacturer.

“Dear Mark,

I have attached two PDF documents showing the before and after x-rays of my left knee.  It illustrates the significant change and improved position of my knee, with separation and relief from the bone to bone condition I have.

I wanted to take a moment to let you know what a huge change the new brace has had on the quality of life for me and the exceptional care you provided.  The casting and custom built knee braces for osteoarthritis along with building the shim pads for my shoes to correct my bow legged condition have decreased swelling, eliminated the pain I was having 24/7 and most importantly is allowing me to do the things I would never have been able to do before.

My son and I attended the SF Giants game and we have standing room only tickets in right field.  I was able to stand for over 3 hours straight, with no support and never leaving my location completely pain free.  This included both my knee and lower back, which I normally start having pain after 15 minutes.  The constant swelling of the knee is gone.

Your attention to detail and the process and advice you provided have resulted in a significant improvement in quality of life for me and I see myself doing many more activities and extending the life of my knee for years to come.

With warm regards and a big thank you!

Bob V.”