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A neoprene undersleeve is helpful for anyone wearing an unloader knee brace or a functional knee brace.

A neoprene undersleeve will help keep a knee brace from rotating or migrating on the leg.  It can also make a knee brace more comfortable to wear by providing some cushion between the hard shells of the knee brace and the soft tissue on the thigh or calf.

A neoprene undersleeve should be perforated (have little holes in it).  The little holes allow air to cool and dry the skin as well as make the neoprene breathable.  The perforations make the sleeve more comfortable to wear.

An undersleeve will also protect the liners of your knee brace from sweat, dirt, and grime.  This will make your knee brace last longer and make it more hygienic for extended use.

Purchase a neoprene undersleeve.


A knee brace for arthritis.

Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief

An Unloader knee brace is indicated for people with unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  That means the knee brace is for people with arthritis that is affecting one side of the knee joint compartment, not both.

Unloader knee braces have come a long way in recent years.  It wasn’t long ago that Unloaders, or off-loading knee braces, had to be made from heavy carbon graphite or metal alloys.  But technology has come so far so fast that now these knee braces can be made from lightweight materials like, neoprene and nylon.

Most patients with osteoarthritis do not tolerate heavy unloader knee braces for very long.  Though the knee braces can relieve pain, when worn for hours they can cause fatigue and make a knee tired.  So many unloaders wind up at the bottom of the closet because patients do not wear them.

In many cases a neoprene brace with a simple hinge is all that’s needed.  A custom unloader which can cost over $1200 can be overkill.

Consider what the knee brace is being used for.  If the patient isn’t climbing telephone poles or playing contact sports carbon graphite and complicated strapping systems probably aren’t needed.  Use the right tool for the job.  If the patient is just going to the store, driving a car, and going about normal activities of daily living a neoprene sleeve with a simple hinge will provide warmth, compression, and some gentle unloading.

Learn more about an unloder knee brace – click the link.



An analysis of randomized trials shows that valgus knee bracing for medial knee osteoarthritis results in small-to-moderate knee pain relief.

Moyer, PhD and Birmingham, PhD published in Arthritis Care and Research (online abstract).  Their objective was to evaluate the effects of valgus knee bracing on pain and function, compliance and complications, in patients with medial knee osteoarthritis.

Six studies were included in the meta-analysis.   Overall, there was a statistically significant difference favoring the valgus brace group for improvement in pain and function.  When compared to a control group that did not use a knee brace, the effect size was moderate for pain and function.  When compared to a control group that used a control knee brace, only a small, statistically significant effect for pain remained.  Instructions for brace use varied considerably and compliance ranged from 45% to 100%. Up to 25% of patients reported minor complications with brace use.

So what does this mean?  It means that people who experience knee pain from osteoarthritis benefit from an arthritis knee brace – or an unloader.  And it could very well mean that the less complicated a brace is the more likely a patient will actually use it.  Comparing a valgus unloader to different types of unloaders only showed a small improvement.

This data might suggest that valgus bracing with complicated strapping systems, or designs (like double upright braces constructed from carbon graphite with complicated hinge mechanisms) may not be as effective as a simple brace that people can easily slide up their legs.  So keep it simple when choosing an unloader knee brace.

The Unloader Knee Brace from Heritage Medical Equipment is a simple and effective valgus knee brace.  This unloader knee brace is easy to use and wear.  The top and bottom of the brace open independently so it is easy to pull up the leg.  A low profile hinge provides knee pain relief, while a donut buttress ensures proper positioning.   Click this link to learn more.




The Stride OA is an unloader knee brace designed to relieve the knee pain caused by osteoarthritis.  What makes this knee brace an effective treatment option for OA is that it only has one hinge, and that hinge is always going to be on the outside of the leg.

The most popular unloader knee braces have one hinge, not two.  Two hinges make a knee brace bulky and uncomfortable.  Think about a metal bar rubbing the inside of your legs raw.  What makes the Stride OA unique is that the single hinge is always positioned on the outside of the leg.  This is important.  Most single hinge unloader knee braces require that the hinge be positioned on the affected side of the knee.  This means the hinge goes on the side of knee where the knee pain is.  Since most people suffer from medial compartment OA (pain on the inside of the knee), most people receive unloader knee braces with hinges on the inside of their legs.  The Stride OA always, always, always has the hinge positioned on the outside of the leg.

So for the vast majority of people who suffer with knee osteoarthritis, the Stride OA is going to be a comfortable, and effective treatment option.  And for patients with arthritis in both of their knees the Stride OA may be their only option.  Think about trying to walk with two metal bars strapped on the inside of your knees banging against each other.

Easy-to-use buckles secure this brace to the leg.  The cuffs are durable yet conform easily to a variety of leg shapes.  That means the knee brace will provide pain relief and be comfortable.

Learn more about the Stride OA.

Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief


Millions of Americans have high deductibles.  Deductibles on many health insurance policies have become prohibitive.  Reaching a $4500 out-of-pocket deductible isn’t feasible for many of us.  So if you’re prescribed an unloader knee brace for your osteoarthritis, what do you do?  A custom unloader can cost as much as $1200, an off-the-shelf OA knee brace can easily run $700.  If you haven’t met your deductible payment for this type of durable medical equipment will have to come out of your pocket.

There is a simple way to handle this.  20 years ago, unloader knee braces had to be fit my certified medical professionals.  Knee braces were custom built from positive cast molds of individual patient’s legs.  Over the years the manufacturers of unloader knee braces have improved their techniques of designing effective knee braces that can fit and treat a wide array of patients and conditions.  All you need to know is the circumference of your thigh and which side of your knee the arthritis affects.  Ask your doctor if the arthritis is on the inside (medial) or outside (lateral) of your knee.  You can order an inexpensive, high quality brace over the internet.  If you have questions, email your doctor the product information.  Ask your doctor if the brace is right for you.  You shouldn’t pay more than $175 for an unloader knee brace purchased over the internet.

You can also try a simple neoprene sleeve.   An arthritis knee sleeve will provide warmth and compression to an arthritic knee.  That will make your knee feel better.  A knee sleeve can cost under $20!

Knee Support

Knee Support

Knee Pain Relief

Unloader Knee Brace


We get a lot of questions about Unloader knee braces being sold on e-bay and Craig’s list.  Let’s be clear.  Do not buy someone else’s unloader knee brace.

Unloader knee braces can either be custom built for a specific person, or off-the shelf.  If you are looking to buy a custom unloader that someone is selling on-line the only way it will work is if you are the same exact size as the person who the brace was built for,  your arthritis affects the same knee, in the same exact place.  The chances of that are remote.

Now if you buy an off-the-shelf unloader brace you may have a little more success, but not much.  You still have to be the same size of the person who previously wore the brace, the arthritis must affect the same knee, and in the same exact place.  Your odds of having a successful outcome are still slim.

Buying a used knee brace is like buying someone else’s socks.  The liners of the brace were up against the person’s skin.  There’s sweat, dead skin, bacteria…is the money you save really worth it?

A new unloader knee brace can cost you as little as $155.45.



Pain Relief

Pain Relief From a Knee Brace


Unloader knee braces have been used for over twenty years as a treatment for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  There are published studies that prove a knee brace can relieve knee pain, reduce the amount of medications patients take for pain relief, increase knee function, and reduce the amount of load placed on the knee joint.  Unloader knee braces work best when the arthritis is affecting one side of the knee.  The brace will actually absorb some of the load placed on your knee joint by your body weight and also absorb some of the load so the affected compartment isn’t pinched.

An unloader knee brace is not a cure.  This treatment option is meant to buy some time.  An unloader knee brace can help your knee pain enough to get you up and moving.  If your knee doesn’t hurt you can take less medications.  See the big picture?  Wear the unloader knee brace, reduce your knee pain, reduce the amount of medications you take, lose weight, postpone surgery…

A knee brace is an inexpensive treatment option that won’t hurt you.  Nobody has ever got sick or died from trying a knee brace.  Drugs and surgery have adverse side effects.  You know this.  Doing nothing and hoping your knee pain goes away by itself isn’t much of an option either.  By trying an unloader knee brace you are taking a proactive role in your healthcare.



Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief


An unloader knee brace is a proven treatment option for unicompartmental osteoarthritis.  It will relieve (unload) the pressure on an arthritic knee joint.  Pain relief is achieved by dispersing the pressure a person’s body weight puts on their knee every time they take a step.  The knee brace absorbs some of the pressure, and some of the pressure is transferred to the opposite side of the knee.

This unloading will provide knee pain relief.  Many patients can tell if an unloader knee bace is working the moment they put it on.  An instant reduction in pain is common.  An unloader knee brace with a neoprene or elastic sleeve will provide warmth and compression.  Our skin is the largest organ in our body.  The contact of the material alone will make an arthritic knee feel better.  When you add a bit of unloading, a knee brace can reduce pain, and provide protection and stability to an arthritic knee joint.

Does the inside of your knee hurt when you go up and down stairs?  An unloader knee brace can help keep you mobile.  No drugs, no surgery.  Unloader knee braces are worth trying.

Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Relief

The new Unloader Knee Brace is now available at Heritage Medical Equipment.  This knee brace is indicated for patients who experience knee pain due to arthritis on one side of their knee or the other.  This unloader knee brace (also called an off-loading knee brace) applies pressure to the knee that opens (or unloads) the joint space.  Pain is relieved by opening the joint space.

Most unloader knee braces cost over $1000.  This is an inexpensive alternative that should absolutely be tried before spending big money at an orthopedic clinic.  This brace will apply warmth, compression, and gentle unloading to arthritic knees.

The top and bottom of this unloader brace have independent closures which make it easy to put on and take off.  Relieve your knee pain without drugs, without surgery, and without expensive custom knee orthotics.


The KineSpring system unloads the medial compartment throughout a broad range of motion.

Moximed’s KineSpring system was developed as a surgical intervention for osteoarthritis of the knee that is not as severe as a joint replacement.  If the medial compartment of the knee is under abnormal stresses, it can lead to extreme knee pain.  This pain, and the osteoarthritis that causes it, is often treated with anti-inflammatories, rest, diet, exercise, and ultimately a partial or total knee replacement.  This final stage of treatment, the joint replacement surgery, is highly traumatic.  Joint replacements involve the removal of entire sections of bone to be replaced by metallic prosthetics.

Instead of removing damaged bone, the KineSpring system offers an implantable spring that could let the injured tissue heal.  The spring unloads the medial compartment of the knee throughout a broad range of knee motion, allowing high user function while promoting tissue repair.  This is especially important because knee motion is crucial to bone and cartilage growth.  If you are considering a medial compartment knee joint replacement, the KineSpring may be a less severe and similarly effective alternative.

But do not mistake this post as an endorsement of the KineSpring system for osteoarthritis of the medial compartment.  The KineSpring is a surgical replication of an orthotic solution.  In other words, a medial unloader knee brace offers all of the benefits of the KineSpring system without the needless risk of undergoing surgery.  So if you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, ask your doctor about orthotic solutions before you move on to surgical ones.  Braces are safer, less expensive, and far more easily removed than surgical implantations.